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               2   TEAM                             12   WORK                           20   MEET                           28   VISIT

               Shared workspaces to                 Private office solutions            Conference or training              Distinctive soft seating for
               inspire interaction and              designed to support                 settings that accommodate           high-impact common areas
               collaboration                        an individual’s function            a variety of users and the
                                                    and style                           latest in technology

               54   TASK                           82   STORE                           102   SPECIALIZE                    106   ENHANCE
               Performance seating to              Fully functional storage             Unique solutions designed           The details that make all
               support your space, work            solutions that stay in sync          for specific needs                  the difference in terms of
               style, and budget                   with the rest of your                                                    comfort, organization, and

                                                   office design                                                            design

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